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We believe that the Earth is Sacred, and that by advocating for those who share this core value, we can together accelerate the ripple affect of change. This page highlights a Farmer, Writer, and Musician who is working towards a vision of ecological and social justice in which the Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit that sustain us are placed above all else.

Farmer: Ken Asmus- Oikos Tree Crops


Oikos Tree Crops is a plant nursery based near Kalamazoo, MI specializing in both common and unnusual edible tree crops, as well as perennial vegetables. Ken Asmus is a leader in the field conserving and propagating plants that are beneficial to the ecology and for human use. We buy many of our plants from this amazing nursery. 


Writer: Starhawk- The Fifth Sacred Thing


Starhawk is one of the most important authors of our times. She is a visionary, healer, and leader in the movement to reclaim the Earth as a sacred entity. Her book "The Fifth Sacred Thing" has influenced millions to actively be the change we seek.

Musician: Maz and the Mystic Bee


Maz Daveed Caban are the founders of the non-profit "Save the Honey Foundation." They split their time between their honeybee sanctuary on the Oregon coast, and farming in Kaui. Their music brings healing to all those who listen, as well as to beneficial pollinators, and to the Flowering Earth- Long May She Bloom!


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