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Edible and Medicinal Landscaping

Our service area includes all of Benzie county, MI, as well as the greater Northwest Lower Michigan region as a whole. However we are open to traveling around the Midwest, and beyond. We have traveled as far as Oregon to provide services. 


We believe that the Earth is Sacred, and that by converting lawns, vacant lots, and farms into edible and medicinal polycultural ecosystems, we can together preserve and protect the basic elements that keep us all alive: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. 

We believe everyone and anyone can take part in this process. 


Our primary service is to work with individual home owners and farmers who wish to convert any part of their property into an edible and medicinal landscape.


Many of our techniques follow the principles of Permaculture: an established system of closed loop gardening that focuses on creating a self-contained nature garden. The word Permaculture is derived from the term permanent agriculture, or permanent culture; otherwise known as a sustainable society.




Inch by inch, row by row


Gonna make this garden grow


Gonna mulch it deep and low


Gonna make it fertile ground..."


-Dave Mallett



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