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Where the magic happens...


This is the step where we finally get our hands dirty, and plant!

Once you have taken a look at the design, and have given us the thumbs up, we acquire all the plants and materials, and create the landscape.


We use a method known as “sheet mulching.” This involves using cardboard to smother the existing grass. We proceed by covering the cardboard with approximately four inches of mulch. This technique kills the sod. It begins the process of decomposition, adding enormous nutrients to the soil. The decomposing mulch offers a perfect habitat for millions of insects that work for us to improve soil quality. The mulch also keeps most weeds from growing, retains water during dry periods, and slows the permeation rate during heavy rainfall in order to prevent flooding or standing water.


The next step is to mark out where every plant goes, make a whole in the sheet mulch, and plant. For each plant we take into account the old phrase: “don’t dig a five dollar hole for a fifty dollar tree,” meaning that we don’t rush through the process in a sloppy way, but rather put our undivided love and intention into every hole we dig and every plant we plant.


Once the plants are all in the ground, and the paths are laid out, your beautiful low-maintenance high-yielding edible and medicinal Eco-system will be in its first stage of growth.

"The bees are buzzin' from flower to flower
In this garden I am growing in this hour
It is a political choice that I take, that I make
To harvest my food from garden to plate
I devote each day to my highest power
Share my heart with the Earth, she's our Mother
You are my sisters and my brothers
We are all one, We are all one..."
-Oak in the Heart


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