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Where there is abundance, there is beauty, and where there is healing, there is peace. Let's make this world of our visions, our reality.

Eran Rhodzell

As founder of Sacred Earth Initiative Eran  Rhodzell spends most of his time thinking about plants, and various ways to save the planet from human destruction. His vision for the Midwest (and the world) includes nature-gardens and farms being shared by communities, spawning independence from the industrial mono-crop grain fields, and the restoration of the native prairie.


Eran graduated from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington with a degree in Sustainable Agriculture. He spent a decade living and working on many different organic farms in locations ranging from Kauai to California to Nova Scotia, before settling on the 68 acres he now calls home in rural Benzie County, Michigan.


Eran is also an author, photographer, and musician, focusing his arts on political and environmental justice.

Stephanie Rhodzell

Stephanie Consani Rhodzell, owner and founder of Fox & Flower Apothecary, holds the vision that medicine and food (which are often the same!) must be accessible to all individuals and communities, and that one’s yard should be the first place in which you find it. She believes in creating beautiful and bountiful ecosystems that nourish the Earth, body, mind, and spirit. She loves the birds, the bees, and all the wild edible greens!


Stephanie earned her Bachelor of Arts from The Evergreen State College, with a focus in Herbal Medicine and Sustainable Agriculture. She received a Permaculture Design Certification in Olympia, WA in 2008. Aside from transforming her folk’s Midwest yard from lawn into a wildlife sanctuary, she’s farmed all over the United States and in Brazil. However, the Midwest is where she will continue to develop deep roots that nourish her community. In 2015 Stephanie and Eran settled in to their new home-Laughing Linden Farm, in Benzie County, MI.


When Stephanie is not taking care of her daughters Linden and Avena, in the garden, forest, or kitchen, she spends her time making music, crafts, fire spinning, and cuddling Buddah and Joy the dogs, or Moon the kitty.

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