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Welcome to our Farmraiser webpage!

*Help our dream come to fruition*
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Dear Friends and Family,
Remaining: $55,889
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4068 Raymond Rd Frankfort, MI 49635



We are seeking your support in making our dreams come true.

On the new moon of July 16, 2015  we purchsed an incredible 68 acre piece of vacant land in rural Benzie County Michigan. Since then, we've been working tirelessly on constructing a 35-foot diameter round, wooden house. We have finally finished the core of the structure, and we can see some light at the end of the tunnel. We're sooo close to fulfilling our dream of settling permanantly on this piece of land where we can create our visions, build up our businesses, and raise our family.  


With your support, we can finish building our home this winter, and begin focusing our energies into the land, come spring. By supporting us in finishing the building of our home, you will in turn be supporting:


-Small, family-run farms and businesses

-Sustainable food production and distribution

-Localavore movement (producing food for our local community)

-Diversified communities of flora and fauna, with an emphasis on native plants and cold hardy crops

-Pollinator sanctuaries

-Herbal medicine research, cultivation, production, distribution, and education

-Farm and wilderness education

-An heirloom and open-pollinated seed bank

-Edible and medicinal plant nursery

-Research and development of agricultural practices and plant varieties/cultivars for cold-hardy climates



Please read through the paragraphs below. As we complete each project, you will see the number on the left go down. When it hits $0, you will know that all is ready, and we are moving in! Click on any of the 'Donate' buttons to offer your support. Please contact us if you'd prefer to write a check or offer a gift in some other way. We may be in need of skiled labor or just some working hands to help along the way!


May our endless gratitude shower you in great abundance.


All our love,


Steph, Eran, Linden, and Sheeba

4068 Raymond Rd. Frankfort, MI 49635

What's so unique about our farm?

Using nature as our guide, we are creating a large scale edible and medicinal ecosystem that will act not only as a vibrant, productive, and operational farm, but as a wildlife and pollinator sanctuary as well. Every action taken on this farm will serve to protect and restore the health of our sacred elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Sprit. 

We will be growing every nut, fruit, and berry that thrives in this climate (Zone 6 on our land). This includes (but is definitely not limited to): Walnut, Hickory, Pecan, Chestnut, Hazelnut, Acorn, Hardy Almond...  Apple, Pear, Asian Pear, Peach, Nectarine, Cherry, Plum, Apricot, Mulberry, Pawpaw, Persimmon, Medlar, Quince... Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Gooseberry, Currant, Elderberry, Goji Berry, Strawberry, Hardy Kiwi, Grape... you get the picture!


No poisons of any kind will be allowed on the farm - ever! Each tree receives a guild, which is a series of companion plants growing near the trunk that support the overall health of the tree. Guild plants build healthy soil, and protect the tree from pests, thus eliminating all need for harmful/unsustainable fertilizers or sprays. 

We will also create extensive medicinal herb gardens to support our budding herbalism business that will serve our local community. We will plant as many of the medicinal herbs and beautiful flowers that grow well on our soils as possible. These include but are not limited to: plants used by indigenous people of our local area, medicine plants that are native to other countries that are hardy enough to survive northern Michigan temperatures, and rare plants that are important to maintaining genetic diversity and health on our planet! 


We will increase the overall health and vitality of the native ecosystem, including prairie/grassland restoration and holistic forestry. We will create a perennial plant nursery, making edible/medicinal/native plants available throughout this area. The farm will be a gathering place for yogis, meditators, and educational events and workshops relating to natural living. We will practice animal husbandry and raise sheep, goats, and poultry, as well as grow most of the vegetables for our personal needs and those living/working on the farm. What we do not grow, we will acquire through barter or similar means from our neighboring farmer friends.

Our farm will serve as an example of the way humans can live in harmony with the Earth and participate in sustainable and regenerative practices that contribute to her overall health (and the health of all beings, animate and innanimate). Our farm will be a healing sanctuary where we cultivate food and medicine, as well as a place of serenity and beauty that others can come to for healing and quiet. By assisting the land in healing and ecological regeneration, we will be nourishing our local community that relies on all the natural elements. We will serve as an educational resource for all who wish to move past the status quo of conventional farming, and move into a new paradigm of holistic living.


We can't wait to hold educational classes and workshops on various farming techniques and knowledge, as well as forest walks where we I.D. plants, seek out animal tracks, and so much more!

What can you give?

Asking others for gifts is a big deal. Asking for money is an even bigger deal; it is not something we do lightly. Our commitment to each other is but a part of the greater marriage we are making to our newly acquired farm, where we plan on spending the rest of our lives growing, raising our family, and serving our community.

We are seeking your help to make this happen. Our gratitude for all your incredible generosity and support is beyond measure.

Below is a list of specific projects/items we are seeking help in covering. As soon as we complete setting up these essential living needs, we can begin building up our farm businesses and developing the beautiful and healing sanctuary we envision. Once an item is paid for, and/or the task is completed, it will be removed from the list. 

Please choose a project or item that resonates with you, and give as much as you feel comfortable towards that specific gift: 

Building Crew:
-We are hiring an expert green builder (in addition to being laborers ourselves), as well as 1-3 assistants throughout the building period.

-We are building a masonry stove, which burns wood, and recycles all the gasses in the process. This creates far less pollution, while making the heat from each piece of wood last much longer (thus limiting the amount of wood we need to burn). It is the most efficient way to heat a home- especially our small home- using wood.

-Interior plumbing (including hot-water heater, and grey-water system), $7,000

-Wiring the entire house, burying wires from the grid, $7,000

-We will be using the least toxic insulation possible that matches or exceeds the R-value for our region, as dictated by the local building code, $9,000

(other basic kitchen gear we will be acquiring second hand)


Additional Materials:
-Lumber for interior framing
-Natural plaster ingredients (for walls)

These are all the necessary items we need to create a livable space. Down the road we hope to install solar hot-water heaters (and energy), a deck, an attached greenhouse, and a basement. But all that can come later... The goal right now is basic shelter (that passes code...)! 


We believe that raising the $66,000 nessecary for completing our house (or at least making it livable), is totally attainable. Three hunded people offering $220 each is all it takes! 

We have a dream, and with your love and support we can bring that dream to fruition.


Below are more of the ideas and values behind our vision:

Social and Environmental Impact

Our shared vision is to create a society that values the living Earth as sacred. We believe that change begins within ourselves, and every action we take has long-standing ramifications down-stream and for future generations of all living beings.

We are dedicating our skills, knowledge, energy, and our lives to the healing of our planet and our common humanity. 


According to scientific research, the upper Midwest is one of the safest places to be, as it will be the least affected by climate change. A recent NYTimes front page article reported a prediction that by the end of this century there will be a significant influx in "climate change refugees" moving towards this part of the country. 

Our goal is to build a resilient community that is prepared for the rocky future ahead of us. By creating an operational and demonstrational nature-farm, we will be inspiring and actively preparing our community in a way that supports the needs of all its living inhabitants. Our farm will be a catalyst and an incubator for generating a community-based society that prides itself on sustainability, holistic living, and harmony with the living earth. We are creating a place where all who are in need will be welcomed, and all life may flourish.

We are not buying this land and starting a farm in order to isolate ourselves from the world. As the shifting societal consciousness begins to accelerate, the demand for leaders will increase. We are putting ourselves forward to be among those leaders, preparing ourselves, our family and friends, our community, as well as the next generation (our children), to face a rapidly changing planet. We are seeking your help to literally build from the ground up a new way of living, to be harvested and shared by all.

What you will receive by giving

In addition to being a part of the founding-blocks (literally) to an incredibly special place, we will honor each contribution by planting a tree of your choice (dedicated in your name) on our farm. We will make a record of each tree planted in adherence with its particular donor, to be preserved in the living memory of the land for years to come.


The first 100 people to donate $220 or more will recieve: 


-Chocolate! Courtesy of Grocers Daughter Chocolate, based out of nearby Empire, MI. This is some of the highest quality chocolate in the world - direct sourced from sustainable farms in Ecuador and Venazuela. Beware chocolate lovers: This is strong stuff!! 

Huge thanks to Grocers Daughter owners Jody and DC for their incredible contribution towards our efforts.    


-Soap! All natural hand crafted soap that will not irritate your skin, and will leave your skin feeling smooth and healthy! Infused with medicinal herbs.


-Consultation! All who are interested will recieve a free edible/medicinal landscape consultation, up to one hour by phone or email (or in person if you are within 2 hrs). We have extensive knowledge in holistic farming, edible and medicinal landscaping, herbal medicine, and 'natural living.' Our consultations for clients are typically valued at $150 to $300.


Herbal Guidance! We would like to offer herbal medicine and dietary advice and/or resources to anyone who is looking for alternative healing solutions to health problems or wanting to enhance their overall current health. We may have some herbal remedies on hand that we can supply you, depending on your needs.


Music! We are also offering a musical gift. Our folk duo, "Oak in the Heart" will play a house concert for any interested parties, within a 2 hour drive from our farm. For those donors not living in northern Michigan who wish to host an Oak in the Heart concert, please contact us to discuss potential arrangements. Our gift will cover the cost of the performance.



But most of all: Any donation made will immediately make you a most welcomed and honored guest on our land. And we promise to deliver a delicious farm-fresh meal, accommodated to whatever dietary preference you may so choose. All are welcome!!!



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