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Our Home!

In July 2015, we bought 68 acres of hilly undeveloped land in rural Benzie County, MI, about 2.5 miles from the wild shores Lake Michigan. 

That October we began construction on our 27 sided, round, wooden 'yurt.' We wanted to build a house that would have as small a footprint as possible, while maximizing our square footage. The most efficient use of space is in a circle. But it turns out that construction in a round space is not at all simple! 

We used almost entirely local lumber, including Ash and Cherry cut and milled here on the farm. We put a ecologically friendly finish on all the wood, and used a natural plaster on the walls. We even went as far as purchasing %100 organic wool and cotton mattress, pillows, and bedding.  

We didn't move onto our land until the following summer, June 1, 2016. During that time we welcomed into this world our first child, Linden Galil-Beleza. 

As the pressures of mortgage, bills, and parenthood mounted, we realized that we need to diversify our income source. We made the difficult decision to move into a small 12'x20' apartment that we put together in the basement of our barn, while using our new home as a nightly rental for the many visitors that come up to our neck of the woods.  

In April, 2018, we moved into our newly constructed basement of the yurt, while keeping the beautiful upstairs going as a rental. 

In September of 2020 we finally moved upstairs, and now live in the house we built.


We plan on turning our farm into a fully functioning poly-cultural, multi-use, food-forest, sanctuary! 

We are in the process of planting every nut, fruit, berry, and well... plant (that grows in our climate). 

As the farm grows, we hope to make a living off the businesses created and operated on the farm. This includes medicinal herbs, plant nursery, u-pick berries and fruit, flowers, wholesale fruits and nuts, value added products, educational workshops, music and spiritual gatherings, and many more!  

If you are interested in supporting our endeavors and/or visiting the farm, please get in touch! 


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