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Sponsor a Landscape 

For more info, call 847-460-8798

We are collectively undergoing a great time of transformation. However the effects of this change are not distributed evenly. Poor and underserved communities are the first to bare the brunt of ecological and social turmoil.


Creating secure access to food and medicine is needed everywhere. By acknowledging that we are all one on this planet and that "downstream" reaches everywhere, many people are choosing to use their recources to help imrove the lives and communities of those who cannot afford the bare necessities such as nourishing food, uncontaminated medicine, and access to nature.


Sacred Earth Initiative is actively engaged in creating these healing spaces for all to experience equally. With your support we can put our time and skilled labor to use where it's most needed. Thank you. 

Your generous support will help fund projects like:

 -Edible and Medicinal Landscapes and seeds for underserved communities
​ -Herbal Medicine in the form of tinctures, salves, and tea blends for those in need
-Nature Restoration in an urban setting

"We are circling

Circling together

We are singing

Singing our heart song

This is family

This is unity

This is celebration

This is Sacred..."

-Rainbow Family

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