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We're Back!

Dear Friends and Family,

After a long hiatus, we are glad to report that we have finally joined the ranks of the rest of you 21st century dweller, and have set up internet! So much has happened since our last blog post (back in April!). After a long winter and spring of bouncing around different rentals, staying with friends, and being somewhat homeless, we are finally living on our farm!

It's been quite a journey since purchasing our land last July... We never could have predicted what this year was to bring. The ups, downs, and all around madness of being new parents, owning land, building a house, preparing for a wedding, and working as full time landscapers.

We are still in the process of moving into a comfy little, one bedroom 'apartment' that Brennin, Jon (& Lisa), and Dan helped set up for us in the basement of our barn. Words can't describe the magical feeling of waking up every morning on our own farm, knowing that every action we take on this land will pave the way for the rest of our lives. We are so grateful to the land, and to everyone that has helped us along this adventure.

In the meantime, the yurt is still being built. And it's looking incredible!!

First, the walls got insulated using a product called cellulose:

Then, Matt set up our rough plumbing... All I can say is, glad I didn't have to figure this part out!

The walls got covered with willow lath, as a base for the natural plaster:

The plastering involved three coats, staggered a week apart.

Jan and Karen working on the final layer of plaster...

Brenin and Thomas also worked on it... of course

Sneak peak of our hardwood floor...

AND: we set up our veggie garden:

At Misty Acres, where Eran works for the land conservancy

Laughing Linden :)

In other news, check out this garden we helped install over at the May Farm:

sheet mulching is the best...

Finally, we will leave you with this beautiful turtle that made its way up the Betsie river all the way to the May Farm...


-The Rhodzell clan

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