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Back in Action!

Dear Friends and Family,

It's been a while! So lets catch you all up on a very eventful month and a half...

First of all, spring is here- along with a half inch of ice thats coating the world after a full night of freezing rain and sleet. Good ol' 45th parallel in March!

But a little weather can't stop us. We are moving forward on the yurt at a great pace.

Last week began with Eran and Thomas taking down 7 large Ash trees along our creek. The Ash are all dying in our area due to a borer, so it is a good time to utilize their wood before they totally rot and fall in the woods. This was quite a spiritual experience, as it always is when you take the life of a living being. But at least we had the solace of knowing that these trees were on their way out anyway. Still, the glow of the trunks radiating the spirit of the departed tree was powerful to witness. Life is beautiful.

Similarly to when you process a chicken, and go from having a clucking, walking, vibrant being, to a hunk of meat in the fridge within a matter of minutes, so is the nature of felling a tree. One minutes it is standing tall and pround, full of leaves and bugs and life juices, then next is lumber, ready for construction!

What a crazy world...

The next day we milled the wood into beams to be used as rafters in our loft. Our neighbor James Mason came with his portable Woodmizer mill. We had enough leftover to amass a good stash of boards that we will no doubt find use for down the road. This brought back fond memories of our year spent on Clayfield Farm, in E Blue Hill, Maine, milling wood with farmer Phil.

Other than that, we've begun lining up work for our plumber, electrician, insullation, as well as arrangements for all the finish work.

Linden has more than doubled in weight in 4 months. She is laughting, talking (in her own language), and is all around the greatest joy in our lives.

And last but not least, our Farmraiser is still going well. The prizes described in our previous blog post still apply, and as always our graditude for your support is beyond measure.

Much peace, love, and slushy sunshine!

Eran, Steph, Linden, and Sheeba

P.S. Here are some sneak previews of our incredible loft:

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