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Farmraiser Prizes Announced + Siding!

Dear Friends and Family,

As promised, we have increased our list of 'tokens of appretiation' that we are handing out for those who contribute to our Farmraiser. Here's the full stack...

The first 100 people to donate $220 or more will recieve:

-Chocolate! Courtesy of Grocers Daughter Chocolate, based out of nearby Empire, MI. This is some of the highest quality chocolate in the world - direct sourced from sustainable farms in Ecuador and Venazuela. Beware chocolate lovers: This is strong stuff!!

Huge thanks to Grocers Daughter owners Jody and DC for their incredible contribution towards our efforts.

-Soap! All natural hand crafted soap that will not irritate your skin, and will leave your skin feeling smooth and healthy! Infused with medicinal herbs.

-Consultation! All who are interested will recieve a free edible/medicinal landscape consultation, up to one hour by phone or email (or in person if you are within 2 hrs). We have extensive knowledge in holistic farming, edible and medicinal landscaping, herbal medicine, and 'natural living.' Our consultations for clients are typically valued at $150 to $300.

Herbal Guidance! We would like to offer herbal medicine and dietary advice and/or resources to anyone who is looking for alternative healing solutions to health problems or wanting to enhance their overall current health. We may have some herbal remedies on hand that we can supply you, depending on your needs.

Music! We are also offering a musical gift. Our folk duo, "Oak in the Heart" will play a house concert for any interested parties, within a 2 hour drive from our farm. For those donors not living in northern Michigan who wish to host an Oak in the Heart concert, please contact us to discuss potential arrangements. Our gift will cover the cost of the performance.

Tree Naming! In addition to being a part of the founding-blocks (literally) to an incredibly special place, we will honor each contribution by planting a tree of your choice (dedicated in your name) on our farm. We will make a record of each tree planted in adherence with its particular donor, to be preserved in the living memory of the land for years to come.

But most of all: Any donation made will immediately make you a most welcomed and honored guest on our land. And we promise to deliver a delicious farm-fresh meal, accommodated to whatever dietary preference you may so choose. All are welcome!!!

Please visit our FARMRAISER to read more about our vision, and recieve additional details on specific items we are seeking to raise.

Please note- all donors, regadless of the amount, are eligible for the last four awards listed above. This applies to all previous donations as well.

Your support is the compost that feeds the seeds of our dreams. Thank you!


On the home front... We are making some serious progress. Check out these shots of the mudroom siding going up. Not bad for the middle of January... Three cheers for Brenin!!!

Our next posting will feature photos of our interior walls!




Finally, here are some images from our most recent hike on the land with Linden.

First step, getting to the car...

Second, soak in the rays...

Brownie points to anyone who can properly identify these tracks (and for anyone who reads this far down the blog!)

Hint: These tracks belong to more than one animal...

Step three, climb the hill!

See our house...!?

Can't wait to ski down this hill one day...

Ans yes... Mama was there too!

Happy February y'all!

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