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The Loft is Done! Plus - Winter's Revenge and Updated Worksh

Dear friends and family,

We are happy to report that all our rough framing is now officially completed!

Next week our electric, plumbing, and insulation is going in. And then the finish work... It's really starting to look like a home.

And we are still on pace to have the yurt done this spring.

Just gotta give thanks yet again to all of you. None of this would be happening without all of your incredible love and support.

Our Farmraiser is still going strong. Please share the link with anyone who might find our endeavors inspiring! This will help us push through the final steps of building, and begin to get our farm really rolling.

And make sure to share the music video!

Here are some photos of the process of putting together our loft. As always, working in a non-square space made everything that much more complicated. Three cheers to our amazing crew, Thomas, Dan, Brenin, and Jon!

Ash beams from our land, milled on site

Those vertical poles are two wild cherry trees I took down to clear our veggie garden area.

Given that the bottoms of the beams were left in their natural form, it was quite the feat to level the top of the floor...

Ash heartwood


The decking goes up!

Of course, each piece of decking is a different length, and needs to be beveled at the proper angle.

The finished product... Our bedroom ceiling!

The Loft!

Best acoustics anywhere.

Starting to look like a real house!

You all do know that Jesus was a woman right?

And is other news...

Sacred Earth Landscaping is offering spring workshops at the farm. Our first apple pruning workshop went well, and back by popular demand we are putting another one this coming Tuesday, April 12th, at 1:30 PM. Please be in touch if interested.

Check out our full schedule here.

Please note that our sheet-mulching workshop has been postponed for a later date due to winters revenge.

Here are some photos from our first workshop, and of our ongoing April fools (it has snowed almost every day this month)... (It's snowing right now!)...

Apple Pruning Workshop

Full moon sunrise after a fresh 10 inches overnight (at our current place of residence)

Beautiful morning on the farm!

Ice storm...

But fear not. Spring IS COMING!

Lots of peace, love, and sunshine!

Eran, Steph, Linden, and Sheeba

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