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The Complicated Floor.

It's hard to describe in words, the frustrations, set-backs, head-scratching, and mind-boggling hours that were spent on building the floor to the yurt thus far. Nonetheless, it is almost complete, and will feel immensely gratifying when its totally complete. ECD: Tuesday, October 20.

Above: The Floor Plan. It may not look complicated to some ove you, but trust us, it is!

First, we (Eran, Dov, and Rachel) had to bolt the sill plates to the concrete wall. The sill plates will serve as a structural support for the floor joists and to preotect the floor joists from rotting. This is the only treated wood we are using for the project, only because we couldn't get rot-resistant wood in time. Remember, there's a baby on its way folks!

After bolting the sills to the concrete wall, we added the floor beams. These beams probably weigh about 100 lbs or so. They will hold the foor up so they need to be strong and sturdy. Eran and Thomas (the lead builder on this project) used every muscle in their bodies to lift these suckers.

After the beams, Eran and Thomas put up many of the floor joists alone.

And then we found another helper, and the plywood was cut to size and screwed into the floor joists alot faster!

We're almost done with the floor! We just have to finish adding the plywood--which will be our base floor in the yurt until we are ready to finish the floor with nice floorboards.

Here you can see (from a distance) the white hydrant sticking out of the ground in front of the yurt! We officially have water on site. Woohoo!

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