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Our Building Site!

First of all, we have officially ordered our wooden, 27-sided kit from Smiling Woods Yurts (www.smilingwoodsyurts) which should be arriving next week! We will try to catch you up on the process up until now of choosing the yurt, choosing the building site, excavating the land, building the foundation, and building the floor!


We chose this styled strutcture as opposed to a canvas yurt because we wanted a permanent structure to live in, that has been made with quality and sustainable resources. Below is an image that we have decided to model our yurt off of. Check out the Smiling Woods Yurts websites for more details about these wooden structures.

This image was uploaded straight from the Smiling Woods Yurts website, under the "Exteriors" photo gallery.


After hiking the land many times and scoping out various locations, we finally found our building site for the wooden yurt. The site is near the road, for easy access, yet tucked away enough for privacy. We want to build the structure into a south-facing slope that will give a beautiful view of the distant hills, and sit above a small valley where we will plant our veggie and herb gardens. I think we have found the perfect spot!

Here is the valley that we will plant with veggie and herbal medicine gardens! To the right is where we plan on having the hillside excavated and carved out to situate the yurt.

Here you are looking straight on at the building site (north). It's hard to tell now, but the land is sloping upwards.

Here is a great view of the morning after our first camp out on the land in July 2015. It was a beautiful starry night, and the land blessed us with serene sleep and a beautiful dewy morning. We knew this would become our home. On the left side of the photo, directly across our tent, is the building site.

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