Sunshine Above, Sunshine Within... Plus Rafters!!!

Hello Friends!

Cold, wind, and rain have done a job on dropping the leaves over the past few days, but before the 3 day storm hit, we had one last chance to hike our land and soak in the incredible fall colors we've been blessed with this year.


The bare trees in the foreground are our Black Walnut grove. They loose their leaves early. The stand of tall white-barked trees are Aspen.


And in house news..... Rafters are up!

First step was building a 20 foot scaffold for the several hundred pound ring that sits in the very center of the yurt. We had to start off to the side because the forklift wouldn't reach the center.

...Then we had to (very carefuly) slide it to the exact center point. It was very top-heavy, and we ended up strapping it down, and pulling off an incredible act of defying gravity. Unfortunately I don't have photos of that part, since I was too distracted with not getting crushed.

Here you can see all the straps...

The first 16 rafters took the longest to put up, since we had to use a 'come-along' to pull each wall into place.

But finally...

After much hard work...

And not getting crushed...

And keeping up our good humor...

We did it!!!

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