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One Heck of a Ceiling...

As promised in our previous post, we have a quiz to share with you!

The prize will be awarded to the first person who offers us the correct answer, and is comprised of a bar of famous Grocers Daughter Chocolate- a small, locally owned, direct-source chocolate shop that Steph has worked at up until the day before little Linden arrived.

Here it is:

How many individual t&g (toung and groove) peices went into our ceiling?


Our yurt is 35' in diameter. Walls are 10' tall. There are 54 rafters, with a ceiling pitch of 7/12. The t&g is

5 1/2" wide.

That is plenty of information for all you math/construction geeks out there to figure this one out. Of course, wild guesses from the rest of you (Ema and Abba...) are totally accepted as well. But none of the photos I took show them all, so counting won't work!

A bonus bar of chocolate will be sent to the person who can accurately guess how many cuts were needed to install all the ceiling pieces. Hint: this does not have to be answered with a specific number (although it can be)...

Good luck!

A couple cool shots of the house at dusk before the ceiling...

The first piece goes in... Can you tell how tall it is at the center!?

Each piece had to be beveled at just the right angle.

The finished ceiling!

We tarped the entire yurt to protect the ceiling from the rain and snow...

Woke up to a beautiful site... First snow of the year!

Check out our groovy mailbox that Steph painted... Little Linden has already gotten some letters!


And of course, we know that what you all really came here to see is pictures of the sweetest little babe on the planet.... Here she is:

Linden with her gaurd dog...

Thanks G and G Zell for the awesome hat from Peru!

Smiling up at Mama...

Pretty great baby hammock!

That is one tiny human... (and one tired human!) Guess which is which1?

The whole family (Sheeba's at our feet, don't worry) soaking in the rays!

Also, if you're feeling generous or wanting to gift little Linden with various goodies, please check out our baby registry! The link to the registry is:

Thank you in advance!!!! We all, especially Linden, appreciate your generous gifts! :0)

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