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Hallelujah! We Have a Roof!!!

After much delay and through many trials and travails, we have finally completed installing our metal roof. Our home is totally weatherized! Now the real work begins...

Of course there are many, many small details that still need attention before the 'shell' is truly finished, such as corner trim on the siding, covering the rim joists, putting up doors, and most of all building our mudroom!

Speaking of which... check out the incredible job Ben Wescott and his crew did (yet again) on our newest foundation, this time for the mudroom! Also, here are some shots from our big day. It took 6 guys, dawn to dusk, but we did it! The stove pipe and dome took another few days... Enjoy:

Wescott masonry at work. Awesome job!

It looks a lot higher when you're actually up there

Thats wild man Brenin dangling... Couldn't have done it without you bro!


With the dome and stove pipe.

Looking pretty good, eh?

And in other news... Linden took her first hike of her life this week.. on our property! It's been the warmest fall on record here in northern MI:

See our house?


"May the long time sun..."

The spaceship!

One of our many ridges, sun setting...


And lest you thought we forgot about our little puzzle from the last blog, the results are now all in.

Believe it or not, no one guessed the exact right answer!

And that answer is: 2,106 pieces. Or in other words, 39 rings of t&g, multiplied by 54 rafter cavities.

In regards to the bonus question of how many cuts were needed, the answer is: twice as many!

That is because we created the rings using the continuous grain from each piece of wood. And because of that, an extra chunk had to be cut off between each piece to accomidate the proper bevel. And yes, we had to manually adjust the angle of the saw for every single one of the 4000+ cuts. Thank Jah for power tools!!!

Of all the very close guesses, our incredible farmer friend Genevieve (Morganic Farm) was the closest, at 2,160. Just had to reverse the last two digits, Genevieve!

Well, we suppose you still deserve that bar of Grocers Daughter chcolate... the least we can offer as a thanks for all that delicious goat milk!! We'll be in touch...

And that goes for the rest of y'all as well. You'll be hearing from us real soon.

We have another very special treat to share. Hint: It has to do with music!

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