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Farmraiser, Mudroom, and Baby Naming!

Happy Solstice!

It's been an incredibly exciting week 'round here. Our mudroom is nearly finishied, Little Linden has recieved her official "welcome to the world" ceremony surounded by family and friends from near and far, and we have launched (finally) our farmraiser campaign, which (with a bit of help) will allow us to finish our home this winter, and begin developing our farm and creating our vision.

First, the Farmraiser!

Our dream is well on its way to being realized. Our home is already the talk of the town, but we're not there yet. As it turns out, building a house on a slope means that everything takes about twice as long, and costs about twice as much as we (or any of our contractors) have planned. But what we've accomplished is amazing. And the resulting passive solar influences we recieve from this south facing site are all that we hoped it would be. The 'shell' is totally finished, and now that we are protected from the elements, we can begin the interior work, and the final phase of creating a livable space for our family.

We are reaching out to our community to support us in achieving our goal of moving in by the end of winter.

Or click on the page at the top right called "Farmraiser."

Read through our descriptions, and enjoy our Farmraiser video. With your support, we can fulfill our dream, and move onto our land where we will start our new life as northern Michigan farmers!


And now... Check out these pictures of the Mudroom. Dan, Brenin, and Eran spent last week building the shell, and will finish the roof and siding this coming week.

After the backfill...

Our new pond, after a 36 hours of drenching rain...

Good thing we have a truck! (Red, of course)

Our one moment of sun in the past week...

A little cold and rain never stopped us!

More picture next week.


Finally, on Saturday afternoon, our sister-in-law and resident cantor Rachel, led a beautiful baby naming ceremony for Linden Galil-Beleza Rhodzell.

Many friends and neighbors showed up for the celebration, as did family via Skype from around the world (Brazil, Israel, Kauai, Milwaukee, Chicago, North Carolina...), It was truly touching. We feel so blessed to have such a loving community. Happy 5 week birthday Linden!

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