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Huge Milestone!

Dear Friends and Family,

As of today our yurt is totally enclosed! This means that we can now begin working on completeing the interior... and the final leg of the journey towards moving in!

Up next:

- Electric

- Plumbing

- Insulation

- Masonry Stove

- Finish work

Our goal is still to be moved in by the end of winter.

Please visit our Farmraiser page to read more about our vision, and see how you can support us.

Also, there are several important news items to report:

First, the Sacred Earth Landscaping team is planning a visit to Chicago from April 21-28. We will be offering maintenance on all existing gardens. For those interested in our services, please contact us right away to get penciled in!

Secondly, Eran has recently accepted a job as the farm manager at Creation Farm. This farm has been mainly a medicinal herbs business, however this year they/we are expanding into a full on diversified organic farm. For any of you who are planning a visit up here, checking out the farm is yet another something to look forward to...

Finally, we are in the process of creating several 'tokens of appretiation' to be given out to all those who support our Farmraiser. Make sure to check back in next week's blog to find out more details. But for now, lets just say that these prizes include medicine created by none other than your very own Little Red Fox Herbals.


And lest you think we forgot what you really came here for, we leave you with this week's best...


In Earthly news:

The mainstream media has been very hush-hush about a massive environmental disaster that's been ongoing since October. Environmental lawyer Erin Brockovich has called it the worst disaster since the BP oil spill. Please watch this interview with her on Democracy Now.

A methane leak in southern California has been spuing mind blowing amounts of this greenhouse gas into the atmosphere from 8,000 feet below the surface of the Earth. And there is no telling when it will stop.

It's yet more validation for us that we are on the right path in creating our visions.


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